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Many years ago, I found myself reflecting on how profoundly I had transformed my life for the better . . . and recognized this was largely due to the classes and workshops I'd been lucky enough to attend!  Classes on such topics as spirituality, nutrition, and the healing arts have played an integral role in the strong foundation I've been able to build for myself.  My own personal growth, happiness, and strength have been greatly impacted by several very talented teachers, and the tools they were able to pass on.

I also realized that the location these workshops were held at mattered greatly. From the most sterile of hotel conference rooms, to the lush, nurturing landscapes of Hawaii, I found the latter to be quite a bit more conducive for learning and healing! My experience was more profound within a quiet sanctuary of a place deeply connected to Nature. I began to imagine, what could I create so others might have a similar experience and awakening of the soul? It would have to be such an idyllic space . . .

Welcome, to the Sacred Garden Healing Center!
After many years of dreaming, careful planning and preparation, I am so very elated to present to you what I believe to be one of the most wonderful and nurturing spaces in the Pacific Northwest, providing the perfect opportunity for learning and growing. Our connected garden, dove sanctuary, variety of flowers, pathways and large deep-rooted trees offer an experience like none other. This hidden oasis provides the optimal environment for workshops, seminars, classes & retreats. We look forward to providing space for you and your sacred endeavors within the community!

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